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Philippines, Siargao

This DIVING Extra Package can be added to any of our other packages for Siargao destination.

Our Surf Resort in collaboration with the Siargao Diving Club offers all the necessary equipment, a dive shop and 4 diving boats (3 bangka and 1 catamaran).

Recommended season is from April to September. In the other months it is possible to dive but not always guaranteed for swell and rain conditions.

Our Dive masters speaks Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.




Duration: 3 to 4 hours

It's not a course, we prefer to describe it as an experience!
First session in a safe and delimited water area and a session in open water at a maximum depth of 12 meters. If you like and want to continue (as almost everyone does) you can continue to a PADI OPEN WATER.

Price: 1 person 90 € / 2 pers. Pers. 70 € per pers



Duration: 2-3 days

First PADI diving certification, 2 sessions in delimited water and 4 dives in deep water max 18m. Learn the basics of diving and put it in practice in 4 "real" dives. After this course you will get the PADI patent and you will be certified for diving up to 18m in all the PADI centers in the world.

Price: 1 person 380 € / 2 or more 360 € per person.



Duration: 2-3 days

There are 5 dives to get the second PADI level. It is an important certification as it is required in all the best PADI centers in the world. You learn to dive under different conditions, making it adventurous, nocturnal, deep, streamlined. With this certification, you can dive up to 30m.

Price: 1 person 360 € / 2 or more 325 € per person.



Duration: 14 days to 4 weeks

First grade of PADI professional. Learn all the secrets of diving, it's a challenging course dedicated to rescue, different types of diving, how to guide people underwater and how to handle a dive shop with all the technical know-how. This course will make you able to work as a dive instructor in any PADI centers around the world.

Price: on request according to the days

There are other courses, like the EFR - Emergency first Response courses - where you learn how to handle emergencies in general, not just diving, or the Rescue Divers mainly linked to diving emergencies, useful to dive in safety and feel more secure.


Our Siargao surf resort has various accommodation options for all your needs. The camp has an immense garden, internet access, daily cleaning service and a restaurant - bar - pizzeria! ...MAIS INFORMAçõES

Pack B&B - price per person
Type of accommodationCottage ,Surfer Hut,Family Room,Surfer BungalowBackpackers Traveller Room 1 week 220,00€ 170,00€ extra week 180,00€ 140,00€ extra for single room 100,00€ per week extra for AC 50,00€ per week, ONLY in bungalow

Prices may change depending to USD/€ exchange rate.


The Philippines and in particular Siargao island are a world-renowned diving destination known for its very transparent waters, an amazing reef shape, colorful coral and fish. Lots of places still have to be explored! ...MAIS INFORMAçõES

∧ How to get there :

Access to Siargao Island is normally fliying via Cebu Airport (CEB) or Manila Airport (MNL), but you can also arrive by boat via Surigao City.

Cebu-Siargao Direct Flight: Cebu Pacific Airlines is the only company that flies every day to Siargao. 

Manila-Siargao Direct Flight: There are now direct flights from Manila to Siargao. Skyjet airlines launched this service in February 2017.

Surigao City-Siargao Ferry: You can take the overnight ferry from Cebu City to Surigao City and then take a fastcraft to Siargao (Dapa port). There are at least two ships leaving Cebu City to Surigao every night at 7PM and arriving in Surigao around 5AM. The boat ride from Surigao to Sirgao takes around 3 hours. Here is the complete Surigao-Siargao boat schedule and vice versa.

∧ International Airlines:

Cathay Pacific  / Emirates / Qatar

∧ From the airport :

Surfcamp airport shuttle: Included in the surfcamp package, we offer airport or port shuttle round-trip, with surfcamp private driver.

∧ Health Care and Documents: 

Most nationalities do NOT need a special visa to go to Philippines (30 days on arrival). We always reccommend to check the validity of your passport before travelling and to take various copies of your passport with you, if the original gets lost. Public and private hospital facilities have good standard level, however, we recommend traveling with an international travel insurance.