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Philippines, Siargao

In the vicinity of Siargao Island there are spot for beginners without currents and spots for expert divers seeking for deep diving. Ours is the only dive school and Padi center on the island.

Dako, Casulian Island, Pilar Twins Rocks and San Miguel are the best known dive spots. Normally open water diving courses are held in the vicinity of Dako Island. Blue Cathedral is normally included for advanced open water.

The best season for diving in Siargao is from April to October when the climate is dry and sunny, and the swells are smaller. Courses are held all year round, but we do not recommend the January and February months for the big swells and the strong tropical rainfall.

Dive Sites

1. Seeco Reef Coral formation in the south of naked island 11 m
2. Jorchs Coral Rocks in the south of casulian island 21 m
3. Blue Cathedral 270 degrees on the wall of cloud 9 rock entry 20m- 40m+
4. Puyo Deep dive
5. Pangitlogan North/South Wall
6. Shark Point Coral Rock’s in the south of Anajawan 22 m
7. Eddies Tunnel South corner of Antokon Island 22 m
8. Antokon Tower’s 4 Rocktower’s east of Atokon 25 m
9. Coral Rocky Bridge Coral Rock’s southwest of Casulian 18 m
10. San Miguel coral Sloop Sunken Rock 24 m
11. Dako Coral Beach Staghorn Reef 9 m
12. Dako South West Rock formation 17 m
13. Dapa Channel Sloop, Gorgonien 22 m
14. West La Janosa Coral Hill Westside of La Janosa 18 m
15. Whip Coral Plateau Coral Hill east of Siargao 22 m
16. Nakiauit Coral Sloop Nakiauit Point 19 m