Canary Islands, Lanzarote

Kitesurfing combines adreanaline and surfing, windsurfing and wakeboarding techniques in a unique discipline, making it one of the most spectacular water sports. Our camp organizes Kite Camp for beginners, intermediate and advanced. If you want to take a full course with IKO certification, we have prepared a set of packages for you. These packages include accommodation in the Caleta de Famara (in the middle of the Famara Natural Park), away from the busy and crowded areas (6 km of sandy bay). You will enjoy full comfort, kite in the warm crystal clear waters of Lanzarote. The Kite lesson course are held in Famara Beach, 6 km of beach. It's an easy sport to learn. With the IKO / FKI learning program you will learn quickly and safely. With 4 days of lessons, beginners will be able to be self-sufficient to go out alone, not only for their own safety but also for the others!



Base Level: Safety, Prevention, Flight Technique, Force Control, Simulator, Trapezoid Use. Medium Level: Flight technique, water recovery technique, body drag, first entrance in the water with board. For beginners, our Kitesurf courses are held in the Kite area north of the Famara Beach where our instructors teach groups of up to 4 students at a time, so you will learn quickly and in total safety. Each student uses a board and a sail. For all, after the course, there is still assistance and security on the ground with kite equipment rental.


Advanced Level: Know and trim your own material, spin, maneuver, jumps. For those who already know how to sail, we offer private water courses where we improve your posture and your technique by using different boards such as surfing and bidirectional boards to improve basic and advanced maneuvers such as jumping and surfing. EQUIPMENT: We use the latest generation of BLADE sails and SURFTECH boards, wetsuit and all the necessary material, is an official IKO and NAISH center, at the end of the course we will issue a certificate of frequency.

VERY IMPORTANT: In the event that the conditions do not allow the course, we will give you the opportunity to exchange kitesurf lessons with lessons of surf, SUP or entertain yourself with pleasant hikes!