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Indonesia, Mentawai

The Mentawai Archipelago is located at West of Sumatra, there are a big number of incredible waves and many world class waves such as: HT's, Maccaronis, Lance's Left, Rifles, Greenbush, Telescopes, Nokanduis, etc ...

Tendentially this area is surfable all year round, but the best time for swell and consistency goes from April to October. In the remaining months (November - March) the swell are less consistent and tend to be smaller waves but always perfect and often not crowded or deserted as most resorts and charter boats in this period close except some boats like KINGMILLENIUM I and II.



Bank Vaults

A right-hander barrel which picks up mega swell. Suitable for intermediates and advanced.


Mega hollow left breaking onto a steep reef that goes drop bang into a “throaty” barrel. With the holy trinity of high tide, southerly swell & north wind, Greenbush really opens up. And when it does, boom kaka boom, barrel heaven 

Hollow Trees (HT's)

A perfect right-hander that is one of the most famous waves in all of the Mentawai’s. This is a fantastic right-hand barrel which can sometimes get quite hairy down on the inside section.

Lances Left

Long left walls can have barrel sections down the line. Fun wave. Suitable for intermediate and expert surfers.

Macaroni’s (Maccas)

One of the best waves on the planet – Macaronis is not for the faint hearted. Very hollow lefthander offering workable walls and long barrel rides.


Known as one of the most perfect right-hander waves in the Mentawai’s. The bigger it gets the longer the barrel section. Expect long rides deep in hollow barrels.

No Kanduis

Long barrelling lefthander, quite sectiony, best on a larger swell. Suitable for advanced surfers.


Left-hander peeling off the reef, can get heavy when its shallow on the inside with big swells. Suitabla for intermediates and experts


Left-hander that can have some good fun sections, with some wedgy sections. Best on the lower tides.