Canary Islands, Lanzarote

Our Lanzarote Surf School is divided into 2 levels, beginner and intermediate. Courses are held at the same beaches but with different methodologies and goals. Up to maximum 5 students per instructor!


Beginner Level

Surf course for those who want to learn the basics of this magnificent sport. Our instructors are expert surfers and experienced teachers and at the end of the 5 day course you will know how the various marine currents, waves, winds and perturbations work and all the safety measures to be taken when surfing. You will learn to paddle properly, surf a wave, rising up properly on the board (take off), turn right and left (bottom turn), paddle to the line where the waves are formed (line-up). And we'll also explain you the differences between a shortboard and a longboard, and what size is right for you so you can learn easily and quickly!

Intermediate level

Complete course that will help you refine your style by correcting your "bad habits". We will teach you how to make a great "duck dive" to easily reach the line up, the key maneuvers to create speed and to surf a wave at the best, such as "cut-back", "re-entry" and "floater". And why not, we will teach you the technique to surf a "tube". This course is held in the same beach where we hold the beginner course.