Caribbean, Barbados

The surf season is all year round, with the best months from October to March when it averages 6/10 ft in the north of the island and 1/4 ft clean in the rest of the island. During the other months the average size is around 2/6 ft (ca 1.5 m), but often really clean! The water temperature never drops below 26 ° C with peaks of 30 ° C in July and August. The island has 3000 hours of sunshine and about 365 days of surfing!

Among the various spots on the island, we can name a few such as South Point and Brandons in the south, Tropicana, Sandy Lane and Ignorance on the west coast, Duppies and Maycocks to the North, Soup Bowl, Sand Bank and Parlor on the east coast.

Barbados is the perfect place for a surf holiday for all types of surfers. If you are a beginner there are some spots, such as the soft beach breaks of Ragged Point and Sand Bank, on the east coast. For the most experienced surfer there are powerful waves such as Duppies on the north coast, Tropicana on the west coast and the famous Soup Bowl wave on the east coast.