Caribbean, Cabarete (Dominican Republic)

The surf school is at Playa Encuentro in Cabarete. We use boards for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Lessons are held 3 times a day and each lesson has about 30 minutes of theory and 2 hours in the water.

Beginner Surf School:

Day 1:

  • Theory about conoformation of oceans and swells (direction of the swells)
  • Position on the surfboard and paddling technique
  • Learn to surf in the foam, paddling in the water and take off (stand up on the board)

Day 2:

  • Learn how to evaluate wave conditions (height, direction and period)
  • With the beach simulator we will learn how to take off and surf frontside
  • Go on water and surf!!!

Day 3:

  • Surf with a shorter board
  • Reach the line up and sit on the board
  • Learn the surfing rules of priority
  • Surf, surf & surf!

From 4 days onwards the practice will be your priority!!!

Advanced Surf School:

We will evaluate your level by surfing together. You will surf with a professional instructor and together you can work to improve your technical knowledge. We will teach you how to take a tube or some freestyle tricks or radical maneuvers.