Caribbean, Guadeloupe

The recommended period to find quality waves with a daily constancy ranges from November to April, but in August you can also find great days of pure surf.

Thanks to its position between 2 seas, Guadeloupe receives important swells from both the Antlantic and the tropical cyclones that flow into the Gulf of Mexico, making this destination a perfect destination for wave surfing, powerful breaks and fun beach breaks populate the islands.



Anse Bertrand

Left on reef of high quality! One of the favorite waves from Guadeloupe's locals. It is located on the North of the island and works regularly from December to April.

Port Louis

Spot in the northwest of the island. Right and left reef suitable for all levels. It does not work very often, but when it runs it is a very long and fun wave.

Le Moule

Guadeloupe's most popular spot, it works all year round. Located on the northeast coast. High quality left on reef, with a steep takeoff and long vertical walls. Spot suitable for intermediate and expert.

Port Saint François

Spot to the South of the island. Perfect right waves for beginners and intermediate, which breaks on a mixed sand and reef bottom.

Petit Havre

The best spot on the South Coast. Very fun feft on reef, with tubes on the right days. Spot suitable for all levels of surf.