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Maldives, North Male

Male atolls are divided into: Malé North and Malé South. These are the most popular and known areas in the Maldives for surfing. The high number of spots and the different features that differentiate them will offer to anyone (expert surfers and not) to find the wave that best suits their abilities and expectations. The best time is mainly between April and November, when the southwest monsoon spins perfect waves on the powerful reefs.

Whether you choose a Boat Trip or a Surf Resort or a Surf Villa, you will not be disappointed by the perfect Maldivian breaks, you will discover one of the best surf destination in the world, in a scenario that only this earthly paradise can give you.

If you choose to experience the Boat Trip, then your day will be marked by the regular rhythm of the waves impacting the reefs, and you will have no problems getting to the line-ups, if you decide to stay at a Resort or Surf Villa, every day you will be able to board our speed boats sailing to the best Maldivian spots, always in touch with other boats, to ensure the best conditions and the least crowding possible.

Swell frequency at Maldives is constant, waves are almost always clean and long...or very long! You will have great opportunities to find waves of all sizes, from 2 to 8 feet. The waves hold their form quite good at all tides, and you can live the fantastic experience of sitting on the line-up alongside sea turtles and exotic fish of rare beauty!

Among the best known spots are: Sultans, Jails, Cokes, Chickens, Honky's, Pasta Point, Lohis, Kandooma Right etc.




Famous right to be vertical and fast, though when on 2/3 feet is accessible for everyone, above this size becomes expert!


Left with 2 main sections, with good condition tends to make barrels. The second section who breaks into the channel is accessible to everyone.


Long right with 4 distinct sections that in good swell condition and optimal wind join to form a single infinite wave. Accessible for intermediate and advanced.


Right renowned for being all-round, from intermediate to advanced, but on 5 ft has 2 tubing sections worth noting.


Left that breaks on the opposite side of Sultan, fun, with a very easy takeoff and an inside section that doubled over the starting size. With good condition it is a long and very fun wave.