Canary Islands, Lanzarote

Lanzarote is often compared to Hawaii thanks to the incredible quality of surf and its many waves for all levels. Every season of the year is good for surfing on the island: experienced surfers tend to favor the winter months, especially between September and April, which are the ones that receive the biggest swells, while in summer the waves tend to be smaller, but still fun.

In any case, in Lanzarote you can find perfect waves for surfers of all levels, every day of the year, there is always a spot that works well on the swell, tide and wind.




Playa de Famara

Large sandy beach of 6 km. This is the main spot of our surf school for beginners and intermediates. waves all year round!

San Juan

Powerful left on reef, long, with different sections. Sometimes it also makes a short and intense right. San Juan has often been home to the WQS surfing circuit.

Derecha de La Santa

Right point breaks with distinct sections that in swell condition and optimal wind join to form a very long wave. Accessible for intermediate and advanced.

El Quemao

Spot often compared with Pipeline in Hawaii! A-frame with powerful and wide tubes and a very demanding takeoff. Suitable only for experts!

Caleta Caballo

Right on reef that works low tide, only suitable for experts. In the same bay there is also a left, which operates with high tide, quieter than the right, suitable for intermediates.