Maldives, Central Atolls

The season for this area of the central atolls is from March to October, as in the atolls of Male.

On average, the Laamu Atoll spots are exposed from south to north / east, creating a perfect situation also for the wind, there are spots repaired for each wind direction. Sometimes the wind from the east comes straight, but spots like Ying and Yang hold well.
The Thaa Atoll spots normally take the full swell direction from the South / South East, usually more exposed than the other atolls and tend to be bigger. Being more exposed you may find it somewhat windy, so you choose this area based on wind conditions. Generally protected by the North Winds - N / W. This area is generally not popular, uncrowded and almost secured surf! The spots of Meemu Atoll are exposed to the East, generally they carry less swell, so to go when there is a big swell condition. They are very close together and often there is always a right and a left.


SPOTS CENTRAL ATOLLS (Meemu, Thaa & Laamu atolls)

Muli Inside & Outside (Meemu atoll)

  • Muli Inside/F1 - A very fast right, with long walls, hollow, barreling, can be shallow, but still with a safe ending. Very well protected from southerly winds, needs bigger swells to work.
  • Muli Outside/Mushrooms - Picks up more swell, good in SW winds, right hander with long walls, can max out easily, easy exit on the corner.

Veyvah (Meemu atoll)

Perfect left hander with long wall. Easy take off with several options with long rides. Not too heavy - great fun.

Mulha Right & Left (Meemu atoll)

  • Mulha - Right hander that can hold bigger swells, easy to ride even when it is big. Good for intermediates and even beginners.
  • Mulha - The left her is a pretty shallow, fast wave. Works only in certain types of conditions.


Malik's (Thaa atoll)

When the wind is from the southeast and the swell is large from the southwest you should head to the island of Hirilandhoo. The left hand reef pass there can produce some great barrels on long and speedy walls.

Outside & Inside Mikado (Thaa atoll)

Outside and Inside Mikados - Powerful waves with fast, hollow walls. Can produce some awesome barrels. Catches more swell than other spots in this area but is less protected to winds. When it is on, it can give you the surf of your lifetime.

Finnimans Left & Right (Thaa atoll)

  • Finnimas Left - Speedy, shallow left that can produce some firing waves. When it is on it can provide some greenroom time.
  • Finnimas Right – On the other side of the island there is a right hander that sometimes breaks.


Machine (Laamu atoll)

True to its name, Machine is usually the best option in the Laamu Atoll. Although locals will tell you the name is not only because the spot breaks like a machine, but also because it requires machine-like physical conditioning in order to be surfed. The lack of a channel and the high seawall the waves breaks against pretty much necessitate constant paddling—both when catching the waves, and then escaping the waves once you’ve enter the crashing zone. The coral reef only adds to the hazard, as you can dive deep, but no too deep. Despite the amount of work it requires, Machine is probably the best righthander in the area, with the crowd to prove it, especially when it is really firing.

Refugees Left & Rigth (Laamu atoll)

  • Refugee’s Left - Heavy left that tends to close out picks up a lot of swell.
  • Refugee’s Right - Fast and shallow take off, barreling, spitting, perfect wave. Only for those who can handle the speed! Quite dangerous wave, Tsunamis usually works better.

Ying Yang (Laamu atoll)

One of the most consistent spots in the area and loves a solid southeast swell. Yin Yang has a long inside section and can produces some incredibly hollow barrels.Outside is a mellow wall with safe rides in deep water.