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Maldives, South Atolls

South Atolls (Gaafu Dhaalu atolls / Huvadhoo Atolls) runs from Febbruary to May and from September to November, in this area there are many spots to explore, being a totally south-facing atoll and very open has a double exposure to the South East and South West. This ensures a much higher frequency of surfing days than in all other Maldives surf areas. Here the swells are more powerful than the more upright atolls...many people compare the waves of this area of the Maldives with those of the Mentawais islands in Indonesia, for quality and power!

It is also a perfect destination for intermediate surfers as there are more sheltered spots that receive less swell, such as Love Charms or Two Ways.

However wind is a something to be analyzed everyday, as there are spots that work under different swells and wind direction, so a surf guide is essential to be able to choose the right spot every session and enjoy high quality waves!

When you get to Male you have to fly to the south where our guide will pick you up at Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll Airport. Nearby there are 8 breaks that are waiting for you and there are so many spots not known in the most far north! Here, thanks to the shape of the islands there is a variety of incredible spots: you can find from the soft wave for longboard to poweful reef and tubing waves.

Depending on the wind direction our expert guide will choose the right spot. The sessions last on average 3h, with a total of surf of about 5 / 6h per day, to satisfy even the most hungry surfers!


Blue Bowls

Protected by the wind, Blue Bowls is one of the most consistent waves. Perfect with medium swells from SE or large SW with wind from the west. Surfable in all tides is a wave accessible to everyone up to 3-4ft, from 5 up just for advanced surfers. It has 3 fast sections, pay attention to not surf it until the very inside, otherwise you will be part of the coral reef of Vadhoo!

Five Islands

Another amazing right with a beautiful inside section. The outside has a takeoff on deep water, that with important swells it moves a good amount of water, and with the wind from S, SE (off shore) gives an inside section very barreling. Surfable from 2ft to 8 ft. It's another very consistent and tubular spot.

Two Ways

This very internal spot only works when the swell is at least 4/5 feet. As the name says, it is an aframe, where the right is generally better. Great option for intermediates on a big swell!

Love Charms

One of the best left hander in the South atoll. Beside Two ways and not far from Five Island, gives the goofy footer some incredible sessions. Tendentially works better in the winter months (Febr, March, Apr) with winds from N / NW / NE. It has 3 tubing sections for a long and technical surf when the conditions are right. With large swells and high tide the sections tend to connect. Even the scenery is unique, here you can often surf with dolphins and turtles!

Tiger Stripes

Between the islands of Gan and Gadhoo, Tiger Stripes is one of the most famous left hander in Southern Atolls. It is named after the reef shape that is streaked like the skin of a tiger. It is a wave accessible to everyone, up to 4 ft swell, with long, slightly steep walls, but with a vertical inside and if you get the right speed you can surf for over 150mt. With important swells the tiger burns and the inside becomes a dry and powerful tube. It is very consistent for its exposure. Perfect also for intermediates.


Very fast and dry, it's a world class wave, right. Suitable for expert surfers with a fast takeoff that launches straight into the tube until the end of the wave. It's better to have booties on.
Breaks with swell mainly from SW and N wind.


Probably the most demanding wave of this atoll and the waves of all Maldives, considered the most powerful wave of all Maldivian atolls! However, up to 4 ft despite being a very technical wave is quite accessible. But above this size you need to know the ways of escape. The wave rotates almost 90 ° with the last section leaving no room for a direct landing on the sharp dry reef! Surfable in all tides, this wave gives unique emotions for intermediate and advanced levels. It works with swells from SW and winds from N.


Antiques is the wave that breaks on the opposite side of the Tiger Stripes channel. It's the best option when Tiger is off Limit, same consistency but half the size. Similar to Two Ways, it has a right and a left. It works with swells from S between 2 and 6 ft.