Australia, New South Wales

Our Surf School is located 2 hours south of Sydney, in the beautiful beach of Seven Miles Beach National Park. We have been teaching surf since 1999. Thanks to this experience we can offer the best surf lessons for beginners in Australia.

Our progressive surf course lasts for 5 days and teaches you how to paddle, stand, ride the waves. You can expect to get up and ride a wave already on the first day!

Those are our power points:

  • Learn to know and read the waves, not just stand up
  • Learn fast with daily technical correction in video coaching
  • Learn Ocean Knowledge and Wave Selection
  • Watch yourself surfing on daily videos
  • High performance coaching techniques for beginners
  • Learn To Surf Fast
  • The easiest and safest waves to learn in Australia
  • You turn and hear why "only a surfer knows the feeling"
  • Surf waves crashing to the left and right
  • Learn Surfing Etiquette! Essential for all new surfers
  • Learn to identify the best waves and currents
  • Learn design. Know what board is right for you
  • Super-qualified surf instructors
  • Surf School accredited in Australia